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On Business: Investment Vs. Expense

On the topic of business again, a little information on my trip is of relevance. We were in Ottawa putting on a table top display show with a couple information seminars for our customers in that area. Afterwards the Ottawa Senators were playing at home just down the road so between all our sister companies we got a private box that holds about 30 for us and about 20 of our customers. The evening was great, the Scotia Bank Place has to be one of the nicest venues for anything that I have been in. Now it seam expensive, and it is to a point, but for that price you just can’t beat the reaction you get from your customers. They really talk about and remember the experience for a long time. I’m guessing this differs in different industries but thats besides the point. What my point is about is how kind of backwards it seam to me that these four small sister companies, all have some common ownership in the group, can put on this event and justify the expense of getting a private box and yet our largest competitor, at likely more the 50 times our gross sales, can do it. I attribute it to the fact that the only people there that can authorize that size of a one time expense don’t care or can’t see the value in the 10 or so companies. We on the other hand see a huge benefit, if we only get ten percent of each of their business we haven’t lost money we’ve likely doubled our investment. I think that word describes it best, small business see and investment and the eight hundred pound gorilla sees expense! So remember on either side of the coin, if your the business or the consumer, bigger isn’t always better!

What is Effective Advertising?

zip.caSo I’m hanging out before the game at Scotia Bank Place in Ottawa between their Senators and The St. Louis Blues. I looking around and I barely notice the ring of advertising around every ring of seating and the boards and the ice and and and…. You get the picture, I’m kinda used to it, I think most of us have learned to ignore it, same as the pre and post roll adds online and TV commercials. But for the few times you actually notice the ads what makes them effective?.I noticed this on ad for zip.ca. If your not familier with their service it’s one of the Canadian DVD by mail Netfilx knockoffs. Now I know what Zip.ca is, I’ve blogged a bit about them before, but I’d bet that more then a few people at Scotia Bank Place don’t. How effective does that make this ad. Zip is a pretty generic name, they could do anything, and other then their logo which doesn’t mean anything the ad says nothing about them! Is it good enough to have a great URL that people will maybe remember enough to go home a check it out? I doubt it. Even with a great name I’d just forget the whole thing by the time I get to look it up. Maybe it’s just the my, and a lot of other peoples, ability to completely ignore advertising but I figure they are wasting money!.Do you have an opinion?.