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The $5 App That Might Justify (to me, not my wife) Buying a $500 iPad

“The $5 App That Justifies my $500 iPad”

(Via The $5 App That Justifies my $500 iPad — Shawn Blanc.)

Gave up my iPad a while back and I don’t’ miss it much. I do miss Instapaper a bit, and this update is really making me feel like I should have an iPad again! Instapapers Kindle integration is great but it’s still a fair amount of friction to reading things. Though I KNOW I’ll just be distracted on the iPad all the time, hell I can’t even read long article on my windows desktop!


Update: iOS 5 isn’t hurting either (iMessages is killer now that more the half the people I SMS with are on iPhones)!

What Safari’s Reading List means for Instapaper – Marco.org

“I consider, the more likely it seems that Safari’s Reading List is either going to have no noticeable effect on Instapaper, or it will improve sales dramatically. Time will tell.”

(Via What Safari’s Reading List means for Instapaper – Marco.org.)

I agree. Most of the people who use the version built into Safari would not be customers. How many people dont use safari on the desktop? I think a bunch of geeks, most of Instapapers target, use Firefox and/or Chrome. In the end Instapaper is still better and I didn’t hear about offline reading in Safari. Also no easy social stuff that Instapaper has.

Rate This


“More reviews and higher ratings can drive sales, but a highly satisfied customerbase drives a lot more.

When someone has spent $4.99 for my app, they’re entitled to a hassle-free experience. I wouldn’t feel right shoving a dialog box in their face a few days later asking for a time-consuming favor when they’re trying to read.

To me, once you’ve paid that $4.99, you get a first-class, luxury experience. I want you to feel great about having bought the app. And every time an update comes out that adds a bunch of features at no additional charge, I want you to feel like you can’t believe how much more value I’m giving you.

People who feel that great about having bought the app are the ones who tell their friends, or the internet public, to go buy it for themselves. And that’s far better for my sales than any App Store review will ever be.”


(Via Those annoying “Rate this app!” dialogs – Marco.org.)

This attitude is what makes Instapaper so great. It’s why I’d never hesitate to pay for the app and it’s why I voluntarily subscribe.

How Much

“Last fall, I conducted an experiment: I quietly removed Instapaper Free from the App Store1 for three days, leaving only the full, $4.99 Instapaper app. Not only did sales increase incrementally, but nobody seemed to notice.”

(Via Why Instapaper Free is taking an extended vacation – Marco.org)


I’m really getting behind paying for good apps that look amazing. Instapaper is one, I’d even pay a couple bucks a month for it I bet.

I also love his take on the type of customers you get on a free app as apposed to a paid app. The reviews were better, reasonable. The payment is a barrier, just like PodCamp London!