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A Gift Basket Owed

With everything I’ve been reading about Microsofts strategy with Windows 8 and Metro on Intel and ARM chips I think Apple better be sending a nice big gift basket to Redmond! When a user walks in to buy a new PC and starts down the “well this will run everything but this will only run apps that have been recompiled to run on the ARM processor” path I think it might just help sell some Macs and/or iOS devices!

Microsoft has such a huge opportunity here. If they would just bit the bullet and tell their developers Metro runs on everything and the traditional desktop only runs on full blown (Intel) machines. How many people keep asking for iOS apps on their Mac? It’s something I hear people saying would be so cool.

Metro everywhere would basically be the perfect hybrid of OSX/iOS for the Microsoft camp! You can jump between the slim, fast, and easy Metro UI when all you need is simple tasks (email, Facebook, etc) and for the power users (“business”, developers, etc) they can still have their power machines.

Business is in quotes because I don’t believe that most of those users really need the extra power they just think they do.

Little Things

I very carefully curate my desktop. I hate things on the desktop and I need things a certain way to work effectively. An example of this as you can see I have the dock hidden. I don’t need it, there’s nothing in it except the running apps and that’s what CMD+Tab is for. I’ve even replaced that part of the default functionality by highjacking the keys into Witch so I can customize the way it acts. Mostly just switching between all windows instead of just the main window for each application. I can also launch a new Finder or Chrome window without having to switch to it then CMD+n. If your interested, ping me I’ll help get the setting right for ya. As you can tell I’m actually a little, ok a lot, obsessed with these things. The latest, after switching to this schweet new wallpaper, is this one last menu bar icon.


WeatherEye 1

It’s an app called WeatherEye. I used to love it, on the iPhone and iPad it’s a pretty good app. The ad’s in all version have been bugging me. The colour in the menu bar is the last straw. I’m off to Weather Snitch on the iPhone. Oh, seams Version 2 is now out. Kind of annoying that I have to pay but I’ll check it out.

From looking around I’m going to give Degrees a shot. It’s a little pricy for a simple weather app but I’d rather pay a few bucks for an ad free app that I think fits my needs. Weirdly, it can’t find London, Ontario. Not a big deal I’m closer to Strathroy and for and for some even stranger reason that IS in there!

Any other suggestions for a great MONOCHROME menu bar weather app?


“One argument I’ve heard is that Apple is, in theory, acting in the customer’s best long-term interest here: iTunes is an easier payment method than Amazon’s Kindle store, so Apple should try to pressure companies to use iTunes for everything over the long run.”

via Here’s how Apple is forcing a worse user experience on its customers – SplatF.

Has this guy used the Kindle Store? Once you have an account set up, and who hasn’t had an Amazon account for a decade, all you have to do is click buy. I don’t think it’s a huge argument that it for sure isn’t any harder then iTunes.

After all this is the company that holds the patent on buying things with “1-Click”!

No they didn’t.

“Because Apple nailed the basics”

(Via Ten apps is all I need – (37signals).)

NO, they didn’t. Mail is OK not great, Safari isn’t great ether but nothing else is a good option as it’s SO ingrained in the function of the OS. iPod, meh I listen mostly to podcasts and having to sync sucks, Instacast rules. I could go on.

Oh and as for Camera, Camera+.

Yes I have a pile of apps I don’t use much, most aren’t on my phone anymore, either way there are a pile I do. Most of the stock stuff is on page two, or hidden (jailbreak FTW).

It’s in Word

“It’s funny because thats like the logical way that you would think about doing it. Like, if you were just designing something you said well, I created this document with this app, thats where it should be. It should be associated with that. How did we get so far away from that? Why does this seam like a novel concept in 2011? And it is a novel concept but why does it seam that way?”

(Via. Dan Benjamin at 35:56 of The Talk Show 46)

It’s a novel concept only to us Nerds. All my employees (Read: Normal People) think documnts live in the app they were made in. Now I’ve done all this work to train it out of them and Apple switches. For the better but, couldn’t it have been a year ago? (Retorical question, don’t answer that in the comments)

Apple stopped innovating with the iPhone. You’re welcome. – Apple

“Apple’s last innovation in mobile was the iPhone. Everything since then has simply been perfecting the work of others.”

(Via Apple stopped innovating with the iPhone. You’re welcome. – Apple.)

I think I’m considered an iFanboy but I still agree, mostly. Them perfecting the work of others is why I’m a fan. They take something and do it better and make it “just work”. I do still think that can be considered innovation though.