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DeysCast March 30 2009

Trying out Keith White for the first time. More tickets open for PodCamp London, and we’ve added an After Party at Windermere Manor (thanks to Voices.com for the connection)!And I’m working with The London Ontario Live Arts (LOLA) festival doing some social media type things. Check out the Muskox concert they are putting on Thursday (April 2nd) and email me (bill@deys.ca) if you’re interested in doing some cool media colaboration things around the festival!Download: M4V

Why I’m not a Big Fan of FriendFeed

Mitch Joel on SPOS 111 had Bryan Person on talking about FriendFeed. A lot of people love the service and some think it’s going to be the next Twitter, maybe it will, I hope not. I’m not a big fan of FriendFeed. I agree with what Mitch was saying about it being an overload. That is my main problem with it. I like to have my email sit in one window, RSS in another, and Twitter like messages (short little blasts) in another. I think it’s kind of related to Jay Moonah‘s presentation at PAB talking about peoples expectations when they are consuming content. When I jump into the Twitter stream, I’m expecting quick little fast paced itmes to fly by. Easy, “Sanckable” bits! In Freind Feed it’s disrupts my flow to see blog posts to click over to and new flickr photos. The layout just seams scattered and over complicated, twitter makes it easier to skip the “New Blog Post:”‘s. Just my two cents!

Shared Items

Ive been looking at more and more share feed, I follow a bunch of people, list and links below, and it occurred to me, would you or do you take into account who follows you when you are sharing items? Some days while reading my feeds, I currently have 327 feed and it changes daily, I see items and I think how so-and-so would like to read that. I know I could use the Email feature and send it to the but I don’t like bothering people with that sort of thing. Anyways I just wondered if anyone else thought about it. I’d love to read your shard items if you use Google Reader and wish to share with me post a link in the comments and I’ll check it out!

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DeysCast May 28 2007

How do you like the new site design? Have I gone overboard with the sidebar widgets? Thanks to Nico at Snowy Day Design for making it look all perdy! Also go subscribe to the Uncle Seth Podcast and check out the latest episode where Jay and Amaya talk about “Whats in a Name?”Feedback Email: feedback@deys.caVoicemail: 206-666-4CMC (262)Forums: http://podcastforum.ca/deyscastRSS: http://feeds.feedburner.com/deyscast

DeysCast May 24 2007

Yah so as I was talking about the battery crapping out on the iRiver guess what, it did. There is an abrupt end to the show but you get what you get!Facebook – Nice mobile apps and the SMS works great.ImInLikeWithYou – Slick Web interface but it would be nice to have Mobile/SMS in CanadaSean McGaughey on show 100 live at PAB, and maybe I can get Jay and Amaya (sorry!) to come on too!Feedback Email: feedback@deys.caVoicemail: 206-666-4CMC (262)Forums: http://podcastforum.ca/deyscastRSS: http://feeds.feedburner.com/deyscast

DeysCast April 10 2007

This is my post PodCamp NYC drive home rant. I probably will not get around to adding show notes as I don’t want to listen back to it! Thanks to Jay Moonah, Tara Thompson, Charlotte and Leeza Barnes for the driving company and Jay, Tara and Char for being my NYC Guides and Roomies! I don’t have much video, stupid me I forgot to charge my camera, but I will post some video of the show Jay and Tara did so stay tuned.

New Game of Blog Tag: 7 Songs

Ok Jay tagged me to play the blog tag for my 7 favorite songs. It’s a bit tough for me to pick only 7 songs so I made a quick smart playlist that was not that accurate but it did help get a starting place. Sorry on the one is PodSafe but in all fairness only John Mayer and Great Big Sea are tracks released after the whole podcasting and podsafe revolution started.1) John Mayer – Waiting On The World to Change – I figure he is one of the best Guitarist around today.2) Uncle Seth – If I Laugh – Not just cuz Jay tagged me it is a wicked song to grove to.3) The Tragically Hip – New Orleans Is Sinking – “Up To Here” is still their best album4) Barenaked Ladies – What A Good Boy – It was either this or Brian Wilson cuz I grew up on “Gordon”5) Garth Brooks – Rodeo – Again so many great tracks to choose from but I can really relate to this sometimes.6) Kenny Chesney – How Forever Feels – This meant a ton to me during that awkward time in High School.7) Great Big Sea – The Mermaid – Just a great song to sing along to!Now the question is who do I tag? I think I’ll start with Mark Blevis and Bob Goyetche then EDIT: (remove BryPer) and Julien Smith would be interesting to hear from! Finally I’ll include a new acquaintance online from the London Bloggers crowd Titus Ferguson.