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With iMessage & notifications, OS X Mountain Lion looks more like iOS — Apple News, Tips and Reviews:

Apple’s desktop OS is starting to bear more than a passing resemblance to iOS, especially with the new incorporation of iOS features like iMessage, Game Center, Reminders and Notifications into the software.

They are continuing to blur the lines of OS X and iOS, as long as they don’t mess up the “power user abilities” (i.e., installing apps that aren’t from the app store) I couldn’t be happier!

Lion Is a Quitter

“Try this experiment in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Start up TextEdit. Close any open document windows. You’ll notice, from the name of the application appearing next to the Apple menu, that TextEdit is still running (it isn’t one of those applications, like System Preferences, that quits automatically when its last window closes). Now switch away from TextEdit and do something else for a while. Then use the Command-Tab application switcher to switch back to TextEdit. You can’t. It’s gone. You weren’t actively doing anything with TextEdit — it had no open windows and it wasn’t the frontmost application — so the system quietly told TextEdit to quit. Worse, if TextEdit appears in your Dock only when it’s running and this happens, its Dock icon mystifyingly disappears.”

(Via TidBITS Macs & Mac OS X: Lion Is a Quitter.)

This is what I was afraid of! I like to drive not the computer. Please Apple, let me turn this off, at the VERY least leave it in the Dock/CMD+Tab.

Little Things

I very carefully curate my desktop. I hate things on the desktop and I need things a certain way to work effectively. An example of this as you can see I have the dock hidden. I don’t need it, there’s nothing in it except the running apps and that’s what CMD+Tab is for. I’ve even replaced that part of the default functionality by highjacking the keys into Witch so I can customize the way it acts. Mostly just switching between all windows instead of just the main window for each application. I can also launch a new Finder or Chrome window without having to switch to it then CMD+n. If your interested, ping me I’ll help get the setting right for ya. As you can tell I’m actually a little, ok a lot, obsessed with these things. The latest, after switching to this schweet new wallpaper, is this one last menu bar icon.


WeatherEye 1

It’s an app called WeatherEye. I used to love it, on the iPhone and iPad it’s a pretty good app. The ad’s in all version have been bugging me. The colour in the menu bar is the last straw. I’m off to Weather Snitch on the iPhone. Oh, seams Version 2 is now out. Kind of annoying that I have to pay but I’ll check it out.

From looking around I’m going to give Degrees a shot. It’s a little pricy for a simple weather app but I’d rather pay a few bucks for an ad free app that I think fits my needs. Weirdly, it can’t find London, Ontario. Not a big deal I’m closer to Strathroy and for and for some even stranger reason that IS in there!

Any other suggestions for a great MONOCHROME menu bar weather app?

App Showdown: Round 2 Twitter Apps

I’ve blogged how I was pitting two apps against each other before. I find my self in this situaton a few times. This is my second one in a while now, and in hopes that maybe it’ll speed things up here goes (yeah right!).

This rounds two apps? The Offical Twitter For Mac (OTFM) and Twitterrific For Mac.

I never really liked the offical app. I was following more people then I could ever handle on a regular basis so I was using lists in a heavy way. I had one main list that was esentually the people I actually followed, it was about 100 of the 400+ people I was following. I found a decent management app, though it didn’t meet the requirment of being able to mass add people to a list. What I had wanted was to move everyone to a list then unsubscribe everyone and start adding who I could reasonable follow and keep up to. Instread I just unfollowed those people. I’m down to around 200, the other 200 are gone and I have to say not a sinlge person has contacted me asking why I unfollowed and I feel a lot better about it.

What it has also done is allowed me to get rid of my lists and read my main timeline. I no longer rely on apps that can set a list as the default view. And thus I can use the OTFM app.

Under Lion (especially on the AiR) I’m REALLY digging the full screen apps and Mission Control. Now I’m waiting for apps to be updated to use these features.

So, which one will it be? Twitter For Mac or Twitterrific for Mac. Both for me now offer more or less the same functionality, the list hadeling was the deal breaker on OTFM so I can go with either, I’m looking for who gets the fullscreen feature and secondary is a good use for gestures. Already I notcie that OTFM has my favorite (on iPhone) feature, pull down to refresh so…

And don’t even ask which app I’m using on the iPhone, there is no competition.