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Debunking the housing fund myths

Unin­formed emo­tion is not the way to decide.

Finally, someone I don’t agree with making some reasonable points. I do have discussions with people all the time the don’t head the quoted advise. I’m not always the most informed but I try not to go hard on points I can’t back.

I like most of the points in the post. Don’t agree with some of the other places he says we could cut. Some of those seam like a bad way to spend money when in reality they end up being a source of revenue for local business and helping jobs. SOME of them.

Gearing Up For Growth Part 1

First I’d like to say a big thanks to the LEDC for inviting me to TechAlliances Gearing Up For Growth conference yesterday. It was a great day, some interesting speakers that really had me engaged more then I though I would be. I made a few notes, mostly during the bigger group sessions that I’d like to share. I’ll break them up into three separate posts. If I put them all in one it may get a bit long and I think that my thoughts on each probably stand as separate thoughts anyways.

Kicking off the day was Robert Herjavec. He’s fairly well know, especially in Canada, and I was excited to hear him. I had an impression of him of a fairly well off but down to earth type guy. The video off the top of his speech kinda killed that for me. It just seamed overdone and arrogant. He certainly isn’t and I don’t know why he uses it.

Aside from that the talk was great. Fairly inspiring. I loved the stories about being on Dragons Den and Shark Tank. It was cool to hear about the differences in how the two shows are put together. Being the same format and all. Without trying to offend anyone it made me a bit more proud to be Canadian (those that were there will get it).

What really stuck with me from what he had to say was the idea that I have seen reoccurring lately. After having come to Canada at age 7 with $20 to the family’s name he has been very successful. What’s your excuse? Almost everyone in Canada is starting out from such an advantage stop blaming this or that and work hard at something you love and you’ll make it. I think that’s the biggest problem, no one wants to put the time in. They want it all now and they’d like it handed to them instead of having to get up at 5am to work for it.

An Idea For Twitter

I had a cool idea on how Twitter can make some money, possibly lots, and take care of some of the user name squatters out there!So look at the user names of some of the business users. For example @lfpress, is the account the London Free Press puts news on but DanAtLFPress and SteveAtLFPress is the accounts that you can chat with the people there. Maybe Twitter should charge the Free Press to stop other people from having a name that follows that convention and maybe more to stop anyone from using lfpress in a user name at all! Just a random idea I had, I could probably think it through and fire a bunch of holes in the idea, but such is brainstorming!So guys just give me 1% for the first year and the idea is yours! Ah hell let me know your going to use it then blog about me being the spark for the idea and link me! The traffic is worth more!

You Can’t Change Everyone, You’ve Got To Change Yourself

Reading a lot of blogs and listen to a great number of podcasts, specifically in this case the London Free Press Reader Rant Line, I hear a lot of people complaining about how this is crazy and so and so can’t do that. They seam mad at the world for keeping them down.The first caller in the last Reader Rant Podcast, episode 24, was mad that the Secondary Teachers got a better deal then the Elementary Teachers did. His call I’m guessing was before the union settled the last deal not to long ago, and he seamed almost militant in his attitude to going on strike. I actually called in a response, you’ll probably be able to hear it next week if you listen. My point to him, and I’m going to suggest it to everyone else, is that he’s not going to change the system. What he can change is himself! He can spend a little time to go back and take some classes and upgrade his teachers certificate so that he can teach Secondary School and thus get under the same union contract!To apply this to you, if you don’t like what you see at work you can change jobs, it may be hard right now but THERE IS ALWAYS JOBS OPEN! You just have to want it more AND make yourself so valuable that anyone would be crazy not to hire you. I’ve always thought that you should NEVER stop learning, and as employers you should never hamper an employees desire to learn. Sure they may become more valuable outside you company and leave, but the gain for the time they are with you and the reputation that you will gain for fostering this activity is well worth it.There are a lot of things in your life that you can change by changing yourself! Got any examples of something you’ve done? How about a problem we can help you find a change for?

Conservitive Rally Sept 15 2008 – London Conventrion Centre

The quality sucks, had I know it was only 15 min I’d have jacked up the resolution, and maybe used a better camera! The camera also screwed up at the start so I missed some! Sorry!
This video was originally shared on blip.tv by billdeys

Which Would Have a Greater ROI?

I was thinking a bit about give aways and whatnot at events and I got to thinking, which would provide a better return, in terms of goodwill and other maybe more “tangible” returns in our Social Media space (links, etc.)..I was thinking like would someone giving away a flip camera be better then sponsoring the food at a meetup? Does the return on either slide to one side or the other depending on the size and/or type of the event? Also would the type of people at the event change it?.For example if I were to give away a flip camera at the monthly meetup I attend in London be better then doing the same at a conference like PAB. Were talking 10 people at the meetup to 100 people at the conference. And how about the fact that I know maybe 50% at PAB, and most to a lesser degree then the 100% of people at the monthly meetup. What if it was a Sanyo Xacti camera instead of a flip ($800 vs $150)?.Any thoughts?.

Note: I’ve never made  money from referring to any other these products or site, I just own both the cameras and highly recommend them and like both PAB and the MeetUp. Although if Pure Digital or Sanyo want to send me new gear I’d be game!!!

The Phil Burger from Molly Blooms

This is probably only funny to about 6 people but it Titus eating the giant “Phil Burger” from Molly Blooms at the London MeetUp. Thanks to Michael Krahn a fellow Londoner (sort of) for the music! http://titusferguson.com http://www.michaelkrahn.com/

This video was originally shared on blip.tv by billdeys with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.