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Make Money Two Ways

Listening to the new podcast Media Hacks, as their calling it, temporarily over on the Six Pixels of Sepetarion Podcast feed for now and I’ve had a thoughts (isn’t that usually the way I come up with things).They talk about people getting paid for writing a blog post on some subject. If that’s your bag, cool for you, I likely won’t be reading. That is one way, as I see that almost the same as writing a blog and selling ads on the page, to make money from blogging. The other way, the way Mitch does it, is because people want to use his company to help them after reading what he shares on his blog. Sure they could implement the tips themselves, but every company is different and they are hiring him, or his firm rather, to get their knowledge customized to fit that specific need.Now the point that they never brought up is that Mitch can’t sell a post or ads on his site. Under that method of “monetization,” using the blog to make money else where, you loose credibility by selling a blog post.Go check out this episode and watch for the announcement of it’s own site/feed and I highly recommend subscribing to that. Chris, Julien and Mitch kill in this episode and they are planning on having CC, Hugh, and Mr. Penn or in the future.

Why I’m not a Big Fan of FriendFeed

Mitch Joel on SPOS 111 had Bryan Person on talking about FriendFeed. A lot of people love the service and some think it’s going to be the next Twitter, maybe it will, I hope not. I’m not a big fan of FriendFeed. I agree with what Mitch was saying about it being an overload. That is my main problem with it. I like to have my email sit in one window, RSS in another, and Twitter like messages (short little blasts) in another. I think it’s kind of related to Jay Moonah‘s presentation at PAB talking about peoples expectations when they are consuming content. When I jump into the Twitter stream, I’m expecting quick little fast paced itmes to fly by. Easy, “Sanckable” bits! In Freind Feed it’s disrupts my flow to see blog posts to click over to and new flickr photos. The layout just seams scattered and over complicated, twitter makes it easier to skip the “New Blog Post:”‘s. Just my two cents!

Unified Comments – A New System for On Site Community

So I was listening to Mitch Joel on the latest Six Pixels of Seperation this morning and Joseph Rogers had a comment that he spent a lot of time reading blogs but not commenting because he uses a feed reader and rarely goes to the site. I can say I do the same thing but I do have a habit of opening the feed item in a new window and commenting every once and a while. I would probably comment more if I didn’t have to do that so it got me thinking..Step One – Get the Comments to the Feed Reader.So to start there is no way of reading comments from your reader and no way to publish them from it either. For the first part, getting the comments to the reader, what we need is a xml tag in the rss feeds with a link to that items comment rss feed. Most, I think, blogging platforms already have a feed for the comments, I know WordPress does (it’s ?feed=rss2&p=”Post ID #”). This would be fairly easy just a standard xml tag like “we” added enclosure for podcasting. Then the feed readers need to add the ability to pull in the comments when you “read” an item. This could be automatic when you open a new item or could be a link at the bottom of the article that will grab the comments..Step Two – Publish Comments from the Reader.The second step is to set up a hook to allow for comments to be publish right there in the feed reader to the original blog thus allowing everyone to see them in other readers. Most platforms use an xmlrpc hook to publish posts from third party apps (like ecto) and other sites (like blip.tv, flickr and clipmarks). The same method could be adapted for publishing comments and still maintain all the spam protection and what not already in use..Final Notes.I know other people, the guys from the TechCanuck podcast jump to mind, have a problem with sites like Shyftr taking the community away from their sites and this would eliminate the need to take the comments and community off site.

Shared Items

Ive been looking at more and more share feed, I follow a bunch of people, list and links below, and it occurred to me, would you or do you take into account who follows you when you are sharing items? Some days while reading my feeds, I currently have 327 feed and it changes daily, I see items and I think how so-and-so would like to read that. I know I could use the Email feature and send it to the but I don’t like bothering people with that sort of thing. Anyways I just wondered if anyone else thought about it. I’d love to read your shard items if you use Google Reader and wish to share with me post a link in the comments and I’ll check it out!

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DeysCast May 17 2007

I was inspired today so I’m calling this a DeysCast for the 17 of May.The topic of this episode comes from Mitch Joel from Twist Image and the Six Pixels Of Separation Podcast. Specifically Show 51. Basically a business should hire people who are openly critical of them so they can help make them better.Feedback Email: feedback@deys.caVoicemail: 206-666-4CMC (262)Forums: http://podcastforum.ca/deyscastRSS: http://feeds.feedburner.com/deyscast