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Sportsball Tech

Some savvy developers have already combined the two, like those working on MLB’s official At Bat app. 

MLB’s At Bat app now plays highlight videos on your lock screen
In the past, I’ve never really been into sports much, aside from a few seasons of NFL years ago. That was due to the Sunday Ticket which was innovation that made it fun and easy to consume the media. Not much by today’s standards but good for the time. But, this season I’ve been really into following the MLB, specifically the Blue Jays, and I swear it is all to do with the technology they employ. The AtBat app is fabulous and constantly improving. I gladly pay to stream the games and they make it easy. From my computer, to iOS and the Apple TV, it all just works. 

Need Yourself

“they don’t need the U.S. middle class any more”

via bubble-destroyed-middle-class-marketwatch: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance.

I have a lot of notes written about this one but this quote really jumped out at me.

You’re right the upper class is making money, much the same as they always were, they just shifted who they used to make it. It used to be the middle and lower class that changed, they found a way to not need them anymore.

So, find a way the middle/lower class can make money off themselves then claw some back from the upper class. What ever you do DO NOT outsource this after you establish it. Then, pay off you house, again, and keep at it.

I know this makes it sound simple, as with most theory.

Money isn’t a Motivator

I hear people say all the time that “money isn’t my motivator”, “that isn’t why I do it” and “paying me more won’t necessarily motivate me more”. Sure that is true in a lot of cases, I’ve found a lot of time you give some one a raise and for the next few weeks they work harder and after time that new enthusiasm based on the raise wears off. I’ve seen this happen in different levels in raises with little effect on the time line..What I find interesting is that I think people say that are are very much dedicated to money not being the motivator until your taking the money away, I think it relates to the phenomenon that Dan Ariely points out in Predictably Irrational in the chapter The High Price of Ownership. Where people value possessions they already have more then something that someone else owns..Does a thousand dollars have more the a thousand dollars value when you already have the money? From what Dan says “when you have the money” doesn’t necessarily have to be in the bank, but you perceive that you have it because you know your going to make X number of dollars this year/month/week. What do you think? Is money a Motivator for you? Does perspective have an influience on it for you?