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With iMessage & notifications, OS X Mountain Lion looks more like iOS — Apple News, Tips and Reviews:

Apple’s desktop OS is starting to bear more than a passing resemblance to iOS, especially with the new incorporation of iOS features like iMessage, Game Center, Reminders and Notifications into the software.

They are continuing to blur the lines of OS X and iOS, as long as they don’t mess up the “power user abilities” (i.e., installing apps that aren’t from the app store) I couldn’t be happier!

A Gift Basket Owed

With everything I’ve been reading about Microsofts strategy with Windows 8 and Metro on Intel and ARM chips I think Apple better be sending a nice big gift basket to Redmond! When a user walks in to buy a new PC and starts down the “well this will run everything but this will only run apps that have been recompiled to run on the ARM processor” path I think it might just help sell some Macs and/or iOS devices!

Microsoft has such a huge opportunity here. If they would just bit the bullet and tell their developers Metro runs on everything and the traditional desktop only runs on full blown (Intel) machines. How many people keep asking for iOS apps on their Mac? It’s something I hear people saying would be so cool.

Metro everywhere would basically be the perfect hybrid of OSX/iOS for the Microsoft camp! You can jump between the slim, fast, and easy Metro UI when all you need is simple tasks (email, Facebook, etc) and for the power users (“business”, developers, etc) they can still have their power machines.

Business is in quotes because I don’t believe that most of those users really need the extra power they just think they do.

Lion Is a Quitter

“Try this experiment in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Start up TextEdit. Close any open document windows. You’ll notice, from the name of the application appearing next to the Apple menu, that TextEdit is still running (it isn’t one of those applications, like System Preferences, that quits automatically when its last window closes). Now switch away from TextEdit and do something else for a while. Then use the Command-Tab application switcher to switch back to TextEdit. You can’t. It’s gone. You weren’t actively doing anything with TextEdit — it had no open windows and it wasn’t the frontmost application — so the system quietly told TextEdit to quit. Worse, if TextEdit appears in your Dock only when it’s running and this happens, its Dock icon mystifyingly disappears.”

(Via TidBITS Macs & Mac OS X: Lion Is a Quitter.)

This is what I was afraid of! I like to drive not the computer. Please Apple, let me turn this off, at the VERY least leave it in the Dock/CMD+Tab.


I love the Mac App Store. It’s just so easy to buy apps, update them and install them on multiple machines.

One problem I’m starting to find more and more is that not having a way to do trials is becomming a problem. It’s been talked about before even on iOS. For a ninety nine cent apps, no big deal but $20 plus apps are becoming more common. These traditionally had more extensive trials, most still do but you have to go to their website, download/install from there, then if I like it uninstall it so I can go back to the app store and buy it. Not the end of the world but it’s starting to get annoying.

“Lite” versions don’t seam to be a great option either, now I’ll have two versions on the app showing up in my list of “purchased” apps not to mention having to uninstall one version.

I don’t know for sure what a good solution is. I loved to option on Android to return an app within the first 24 hrs. It worked great although I can see it being a bit of a hassle on their end. Ideally you could hit a button in the app store to get the trial, once it expires it’ll take you back into the store to do your buying. In theory it’s possible, don’t think it’s likely though. In App Purchases seamed to do a half assed job at solving the problem. I had expected a more elegant solution from Apple but…