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Ask not what Twitter can do for you…

I’m listening to Wayne MacPhail and Frances Willick’s PodCamp Toronto 2009 session on Social Media and Higher Ed thanks to Robin Browne’s Being Buff podcast feed and after hearing the video (i know…) I thought

“Ask not what Twitter can do for you, but what you can do for the Twitter Community.”

Ya see it seams that some of the students saw Twitter as a vehicle to Get information rather then to ALSO Give it!

I Swim in Different Ponds

On the way back from PodCamp Toronto I had a funny thought. You know that old saying about being the big fish in a small pond? I took that a bit farther and figure that most of us swim in different ponds, they all very in size as do we depending on which pond.In the social media community, partly those at PodCamp Toronto, I’m a pretty small fish, there is a subset of podcasters in that community that I’m perhaps a little but bigger of a fish, and I’m more then happy being there. I’m a substantially larger size fish in a different pond, which luckily happens to be the one where I get my food!, and to my knowledge no one in the social media community is even in that pond.My point is you have to realize your place in every situation and be OK with it OR you have to swim up stream to change ponds!

Scared Customers

So I attended PodCamp Michigan on the weekend, had a great time despite the abundance of what seamed to me to be sales pitches disguised as presentations. Don’t get me wrong I know everyone likes to toot their own horn but sometimes you just have to get to the point. Aside from that I met a bunch of VERY cool folks that I look forward to getting to know better via Twitter, FB, etc. Hope a few will also make it to a MeetUp here in London as well as PodCamp Toronto, there was some interest!But as usually PodCamp isn’t the topic of the post. My topic is leaning to the business side of things, and it comes from something I noticed while I was across the border.Basically we Canadians were scared to use our mobile phone, mostly their data feature, while we were on the US networks. I have to ask is that the best way for your customers to behave? Should you set up a system under which your customers are afraid to use your product or service for fear of the charges that may result? I don’t think so! You want your customers to be happy, the more they use you, even the odd time when maybe it’s costing you to provide the service,  the more you’ll make in the end!