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“There is no more shame or guilt in unsubscribing from the data streams of people who do not benefit your attention than there is turning off the television when it becomes a waste of time.

Of course, this metric of value will be different for everyone. But unless you have some kind of qualification for ‘meaningful’ in your own mind, where are you going to draw the line?”


(Via Is It Worth the Interruption? : James Shelley)

I didn’t know if this was the direction James was going to take at the start of this post. I am SO glad he went that way, had a comment forming in the first paragraph, didn’t need it by the end.

P.S. So looking back, comments are not enabled. That’s a loss.


Friends Interrupted

Who really wants to be marketed to?We have things like TiVo to skip ads on TV, and ad blockers to hide the banners on websites. I think that is some proof of my point.So why do people think it could be even remotely effective to JUST push ads on social sites? Really think! We don’t like to be interrupted when we can’t control it so we build new tools to gain back the control. With all these social sites the control is baked into them from the start. That is where the phrase “permission based marketing” came from. Users who choose to follow you are giving you SOME permission to market to them. Abuse the privilege that the user has the control to unfollow you.So how do you get, and keep, followers. We first let me ask you a question. Don’t you like to support that guy you know in the shoe business more then the chain store that interrupts the finale of LOST? Be that guy you know. When you’re on Twitter don’t just push links. Be a real person, talk a bit about what you are having for lunch, about the hockey game last night. If people see you as that person, then you are that guy they know who is in the shoe business and when they go looking for shoes guess whose name will pop up!