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RSS Sync

“The good news is that I don’t think there are any significant barriers to creating one, should it become necessary.”

(Via Google Reader and Mac/iOS RSS readers that sync – Marco.org.)

IMO the standard RSS reader app is Reeder on both the desktop and the iPhone/iPad. If I were them, I’d be building out the server as well as web version that would easily grab everything from the apps to help users switch from Google . They could also dominate the space by making the web version a friendly looking version of Google Reader. Reader is the best RSS platform but it’s interface isn’t. Who ever wins that would win the war.


No secret I love the Mac App Store. It’s made my MacBook Air feel like an iPad and I can still install apps on my other Macs.

The latest App I’m trying is Pulp.


So far I like it, not quite love yet.

It’s very slick, they’ve added some small touches that just make it feel pretty. One is the edge of the window.


The paper look is a little thing but totally cool.

It takes a lot of work setting it up. I’m not totally done yet but I wish there was an easy way to import all my Google Reader stuff into tabs matching my folders. You can import Reader but it’s all manual. It’ll give you a big list of your feeds, you select what to import. I also think it should sync the unread items back to Reader. It does sync but to Pulp’s own server then to your other Mac’s or iPads. It works well for what it does, just a couple clicks on my MacMini and it’s all synced up.

The other cool feature is the Shelf. It’s a little holding place at the top of the app. Pulp 1

It pops out and you can drag articles to it to read later. I think this feature does need a keyboard shortcut though. You have to grab the mouse and drag stuff to it. It’s just not optomized for the way I work. I love keyboard shortcuts. I think thay shuld also add shortcuts for Instapaper, Twitter and Facebook but…


So far I love that app, if that can come up with a way to get a version on the iPhone I’d probably switch and use this instead of Google Reader! And Syncing to Reader would seal the deal!!

Make a Better EBook Reader

I’m not going to touch the whole Text-to-Speech thing that has come up since the last release for the Amazon Kindle. What I was thinking about is how Amazon can force them selves to push the limits and make the best ebook reader around. Admittedly I don’t know much about the Kindle or any other ebook reader so I’m making some assumptions but the final thoughts can apply to anything. So I think they should open up an easy API for the ebook store so that anyone making a reader can take advantage of the store the same way the Kindle can. Anyone could develop a store on the device or on a desktop that will sync to the device, the possibilities would only endless. Well, except by the stupid DRM on the books of course! The competition, like all competition, makes you innovate and be better.And I wonder what their real motive is anyways, are they a hardware maker or an ebook retailer?

Important Tip about Google Readers New Features

You’ve likely hear about the new “social” features in Google Reader that automatically show you your GTalk/GChat friends Reader Shared Items. If you haven’t Chris Brogan did a good job as well as a ton of other blogs and news site. You can access the features by going to your account settings and clicking on Friends. They have done a pretty good job with it and I like the feature. I’ve subscribed to a lot of peoples feed and I’ve posted about it here before and they make it super easy to use. Adding new feeds is as easy as adding a person in GTalk, actually that is exactly how you add their feed, and hiding their items is just as easy, in the Friends settings just click “Hide” or from an individual feed view you can click on “Hide” at the top of the list.

The real reason I started this post is a thought I had while I was mucking around with the feature and my last blog post showed up in my feeds. I know a lot of people subscribe to their own site, mostly to make sure the feed works, and I do this too and a while back there was talk about generating traffic by “sharing” your own posts when they show up in your reader. I personally don’t do this with my own blog posts, I do with some of the meetup stuff I deal with to help get the word out and have more people attend real face to face meetings but as a general rule I find it kind of annoying because if I’ve subscribed to your Shared Feed I also likely find you important enough to subscribe directly to your blog/podcast feed already. I see that same posts over and over which in the already flooded river of news I don’t need.

My point with this is that now that your shared items will automagically show up in peoples reader it probably even more effective to share your own stuff!

Shared Items

Ive been looking at more and more share feed, I follow a bunch of people, list and links below, and it occurred to me, would you or do you take into account who follows you when you are sharing items? Some days while reading my feeds, I currently have 327 feed and it changes daily, I see items and I think how so-and-so would like to read that. I know I could use the Email feature and send it to the but I don’t like bothering people with that sort of thing. Anyways I just wondered if anyone else thought about it. I’d love to read your shard items if you use Google Reader and wish to share with me post a link in the comments and I’ll check it out!

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