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Hyper Bad

“1) It’s a distorted view of the world. Hearing your own views and ideas reflected back is comfortable, but it can lead to really bad decisions–you need to see the whole picture to make good decisions.

2) It can limit creativity and innovation, which often come about when two relatively unrelated concepts or ideas are juxtaposed.


3) It’s not great for democracy, because democracy requires a common sense of the big problems that face us and an ability to put ourselves in other peoples’ shoes.”

(Via Why a hyper-personalized Web is bad for you (Q&A) | Geek Gestalt – CNET News.)

If we only read those we agree with we’ll never have new ideas or make pregress.

Facebook opening for Search

I read a bunch of reports, Mashable has a good article on it, that Facebook will be opening it’s users profiles to search sites such as Google and Yahoo. It’s confirmed when you log in now by the box at the top of your home page, not your profile page, telling you to update your privacy terms. You can block this if you want or at least limit what searches can find. I have no problem with my Facebook profile being indexed, my theory is if you don’t want the information out there don’t post it on the internet, it’s never 100% safe! The problem I have is Facebook has a ton of Google Juice! You can bet in no time if someone searches for you your Facebook profile is going to come up first. It’s great to help people to find you, but I still prefer my own site to be the first result! Whats your opinion?