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Country Music Cast 56

I got an email an email a while back, too long and that’s my fault, from David Kraut. David is a songwriter and was interested in getting his music feature on the show. He put some songs on the Podsafe Music Network and well here they are! He is the songwriter for all three tracks and I think it’s kind of a neat thing to have that and three different singers. It really shows a diversity in the songwriting! Hope you like the show..A Day Job and A Dream – Missi HaleDon’t Listen – Ken JohnsonLiquid Sunshine – Shiela Harrison.Check out the Niagara Meetup if your going to be in the area! And thanks to the sponsors of that event, David Peralty of xfep.com, Wayne MacPahil of W8NC, CastRoller and Magnatune..Website: http://countrymusiccast.caFeedback Email: feedback@deys.caForums: http://podcastforum.ca/countrymusiccastRSS: http://feeds.feedburner.com/cmcDirect Download: MP3