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Do I Have Your Full Attention?

“By adding video, we are asking the person to let us see them, and we are requiring more of their attention.  No longer can they drive and chat with us if they have to look at a video.  No longer can they talk in the bathroom or at other times when they are doing their personal business.  No longer can they discretely interact with you while simultaneously talking to another person, reading a magazine, or otherwise only paying half attention to you.  Adding video to the situation completely changes the social dynamic, usually in a way that makes us not want to do it.”

(Via Why Don’t We Video Chat More Often? | Singularity Hub.)

Really think, how many times are you really only doing one thing while on the phone? Same thing why radio is still so popular. We can’t focus on just one thing.

Self Twitter Ban

So I’ve banned myself from Twitter for the weekend. I’m pretty much staying offline too! I’ll likely be casually checking email and Reader, and if you catch me on Skype (billdeys) I’m more then happy to chat but don’t count on it. I not out of contact, you can still get a hold of me, just email!I’m doing it as a bit of a test of myself and just to decompress and step away from the hustle. I’ll be back full force, and maybe more force, Tuesday morning!Anyways, I’ve been thinking a bit about social media things in general and one of the first things I’ve noticed is how well I’ve trained my brain to think about Twitter. I’m always thinking “Oh I should tweet that!” I’m thinking they should change their line from “What are you doing right now?” to “What are you thinking right now?” I realize that that is how I use Twitter. A small part of the way I use it is what I’m doing, it’s so much more what I’m thinking about. I use it to push ideas out and talk to people about it!Now you will see a tweet about this but it’s automatic! I’m NOT on twitter!Bye for now, maybe I’ll blog more this weekend if I’m not on Twitter! We’ll see!

Aroma Resturant goes High Tech

clipped from lfpress.ca
Aroma Restaurant in London is balancing old-world European charm with 21st-century technology.
Using Skype software, which can be downloaded free, diners in the room will be able to enjoy a meal while on the screen they will see and be able to speak with family or friends in a home anywhere in the world, as long as they also have Skype software and a computer and video card capable of handling that technology, and a webcam on their end.
But Gomes is also excited about the wine cellar, having taken an old, boarded-up storage room and converted it into an intimate lounge that will seat 60 and will feature wines from around the world, he said.
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So now we have to have a London Blogger and Podcaster dinner here. Maybe a special event, not the usual monthly meetup. I also have to go spend some time in the Wine Cellar/Lounge!