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Sparrow on iPhone!

Sparrow — Get mail done:

Sparrow is an iPhone mail client designed with love to provide you with an efficient and pleasant mailing experience.

I rarely check email when I’m not at a computer, which is a lot more lately. Now maybe I will. Been using it for 15 min and I already love it! The Alias feature was one feature that the Mail.app not having bugged me all the time. Can’t wait to see the app on the new iPads as well!

Sparrow announces new features

“Sparrow promises some future Twitter and LinkedIn integration. Clearly Sparrow isn’t just a Gmail client, it is becoming a powerful messaging and context platform in itself.”

(Via Sparrow announces new features at TechCrunch Disrupt.)


Love Sparrow, not 100% behind the idea of any sort of social inbox. Facebook mail is obvious, and support for Twitter DM’s only in an app is very appealing.  I think it would help make people view Twitter as a real form of communication rather then another broadcast mechanism that some see now.

(And Yeah, I kinda hate that I’m linking to something related to TechCrunch)