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Make a Better EBook Reader

I’m not going to touch the whole Text-to-Speech thing that has come up since the last release for the Amazon Kindle. What I was thinking about is how Amazon can force them selves to push the limits and make the best ebook reader around. Admittedly I don’t know much about the Kindle or any other ebook reader so I’m making some assumptions but the final thoughts can apply to anything. So I think they should open up an easy API for the ebook store so that anyone making a reader can take advantage of the store the same way the Kindle can. Anyone could develop a store on the device or on a desktop that will sync to the device, the possibilities would only endless. Well, except by the stupid DRM on the books of course! The competition, like all competition, makes you innovate and be better.And I wonder what their real motive is anyways, are they a hardware maker or an ebook retailer?

Online Killing Outlet Malls

Broadmoor Outlet Mall, Pasco (#1)

Photo Credit pleeker


It used to be that Outlet stores were was set up to allow for a manufacturer to sell overstock and out of “season” goods direct to consumer. They always sold cheaper but you typically had to drive a good distance to get the deal. Wholesalers and retailer can’t like this it was just a small part as the inconvenience of distance kept it small. They put up with it!


Now online makes it easier to get direct to the consumer. The only trade off for inconvenience is you have to wait a few day (weeks too often) to get your goods but it’s still a lot easier then getting in the car and driving an hour or two.


The outlet malls must be feeling the hit from this. Staff cutbacks will hurt local people, although the companies probably don’t care as they are still making the sale. So will we see a decline in the amount of factory outlet malls? When?