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So Things 2 is out. Nice that its an update to the old versions and I didn’t have to pay.

The much awaited Cloud Sync is in there but continuing on their trend of being behind now I want/need location, geo fencing, in the app!

It’s a race

I was a fan of Things when I was basically just on one Mac. I use to run my life on a MacBookPro. It was time to put it out to pasture so I switched to an Air for travel, PC at work and MacMini at home. So happy with the setup.

When I retired my MacBookPro, the machine I used everywhere and used to sync my iPhone (hence Things) with, I looked at other options. Nothing was as good (read:usable and drop dead georgeous) as Things but, Remember the Milk worked. Sure it came with a fee, it was U.G.L.Y. but it syned and as a plus I could get to it on my PC.

So I’m OK not having my stuff on the PC at work as I have my iPhone. Most of my tasks at work done get into my task list. Day job stuff is a little more structured. What I need is  my tasks on the Air, Mini and iPhone.

So along comes The Hit List.

Now it’s a race. I want to see the iPhone app before I spend another $50 on the desktop version and $10 on the iPhone version. Money I really don’t want to spend but it’s getting very hard to wait.

So will that get approved before Things get’s OTA sync?

The Race is on!

Sync In Plain English

Ford SYNC in Plain English by the Folks at Common CraftSo you probably know I love what the folks at CommonCraft do with their “In Plain English” videos and I do think, although I’m an Apple fanboy, the Microsoft Sync in car system is pretty cool. Well I got put on to this video by my friends over at the Social Media Group. Awesome to see the team up, and get the facts “in plain english” about the SYNC system. It’s also kinda funny that the MP3 player is of course a Zune but my question is does it work with the iPod?