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Sportsball Tech

Some savvy developers have already combined the two, like those working on MLB’s official At Bat app. 

MLB’s At Bat app now plays highlight videos on your lock screen
In the past, I’ve never really been into sports much, aside from a few seasons of NFL years ago. That was due to the Sunday Ticket which was innovation that made it fun and easy to consume the media. Not much by today’s standards but good for the time. But, this season I’ve been really into following the MLB, specifically the Blue Jays, and I swear it is all to do with the technology they employ. The AtBat app is fabulous and constantly improving. I gladly pay to stream the games and they make it easy. From my computer, to iOS and the Apple TV, it all just works. 


“One thing I actively work on, and have been actively working on for sometime, is maintaining a non-reactive mode of working.”

via MacSparky – Blog – Home Screen – Kourosh Dini.

Same reason I turned off almost all notifications, especially Mail and even, more recently, turned off push mail all together. Rarely check it aside from at my desk and I can’t say it’s affected much other then my sanity!

Sync In Plain English

Ford SYNC in Plain English by the Folks at Common CraftSo you probably know I love what the folks at CommonCraft do with their “In Plain English” videos and I do think, although I’m an Apple fanboy, the Microsoft Sync in car system is pretty cool. Well I got put on to this video by my friends over at the Social Media Group. Awesome to see the team up, and get the facts “in plain english” about the SYNC system. It’s also kinda funny that the MP3 player is of course a Zune but my question is does it work with the iPod?