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Worth, Cost and Value

If publishers can’t cover costs w/ $10 ebooks they deserve to go out of business:

If you start from the overall pricing, including overhead and other fixed costs, then you’re not basing the price on what the consumer values — and, more importantly, you’re taking away your own incentives to become more efficient and decrease costs.

(Via Hacker News)

Something is worth what you can get for it. On both sides. Your house is worth what someone will pay you for it, not the cost to build it or what YOU bought it for. A wage for a job is what you can get someone to do the work for, not what your neighbour is making. And, a book is worth that people will pay for without a greater number finding a way to get it for free! Price and costs only relation are that price has to be more then the cost. Profit comes from making the cost side more efficient. Also note it really screws things up when the cost is subsidized. Let things be.


“There is no more shame or guilt in unsubscribing from the data streams of people who do not benefit your attention than there is turning off the television when it becomes a waste of time.

Of course, this metric of value will be different for everyone. But unless you have some kind of qualification for ‘meaningful’ in your own mind, where are you going to draw the line?”


(Via Is It Worth the Interruption? : James Shelley)

I didn’t know if this was the direction James was going to take at the start of this post. I am SO glad he went that way, had a comment forming in the first paragraph, didn’t need it by the end.

P.S. So looking back, comments are not enabled. That’s a loss.