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For A Post On Community…

Reborn  The Parallel Parliament 1

For a post all about community why are the comments off and the people/business that are talked about are not linked?

Glen seams like an up to speed guy. He’s doing a good (aside from these issues) job blogging, tweeting and putting videos on YouTube.

Maybe I’m just an idiot with my head up my butt but, I don’t even know who he’s talking about with, “Our best known economist is using his blog and Facebook entries”, and I’d like to.

Hope it’s just an oversight.

Do I Have Your Full Attention?

“By adding video, we are asking the person to let us see them, and we are requiring more of their attention.  No longer can they drive and chat with us if they have to look at a video.  No longer can they talk in the bathroom or at other times when they are doing their personal business.  No longer can they discretely interact with you while simultaneously talking to another person, reading a magazine, or otherwise only paying half attention to you.  Adding video to the situation completely changes the social dynamic, usually in a way that makes us not want to do it.”

(Via Why Don’t We Video Chat More Often? | Singularity Hub.)

Really think, how many times are you really only doing one thing while on the phone? Same thing why radio is still so popular. We can’t focus on just one thing.

Vuze/Azureus Could Change Media Consumption

Over the last while I’ve stepped up my cross site content publishing. Tube Mogul is amazing for getting video to almost every video site that you can. The other place I’ve turned to to release content to is the often over looked Vuze network..Vuze is the network that has been set up to feed into the Azureus Bit Torrent Client. Go check out Bit Torrent on Wikipedia if your not familier but to quickly get you up to speed it’s a very efficient way to distribute large files using a distributed peer to peer structure..As a content network Vuze has amazing potential, and already has a pretty good audience as well as people feeding content into it. You can publish audio or video to the network, either way you have to agree to terms that state that you legally own the rights and whatnot. Can it be used to distribute copyrighted works, probably but I’d bet it would get taken down very soon after you upload. I’ve not had a probelm putting my Country Music Cast up there and I’ve actually gotten a good number of downloads to some. I’ve even been amazed at the numebr of video views I gotten! I don’t get a lot of traffic but I get as many there as I usually get on most other site combined..The huge advantage that Vuze has is they can easily handle very large files, such as HD video, and I think it’s almost easier to publish there then it is to get stuff up on something like Blip.tv and cross post to my blog. There is also money making options, one via an ad program and revenue share and the old fashioned pay per view model. As a viewer the interface can be a little confusing at first but I think it’s pretty good once you get used to it. You can search for publishers as well as keywords and to watch the video in Vuze’s included player it’s just a click away..Despite all the things I like in Vuze there are a few things I think need to be added. They need Publisher Channels for all a publishers media as well as the ability to add sub channels for separate shows. RSS in the client, there is on the website but not in the client, and the ability to subscribe to the media, at least bookmark publishers. These are not big things, it’s just a little easier to keep track of your favorite publishers..Have you played around with Vuze? How about publishing to Bit Torrent on other trackers? Any success, places I should check out?

The future of getting a return on giving away your content.

I’m starting to wonder if giving your content away, be it music, books, videos or anything else, will really make you more money in the future. I understand and fully agree that the comparative few who are doing it now are seeing a return on their openness from communities but if everyone is doing it will it just be common place and loose the support from those who like that type of model, or will the people who are supporting it keep doing so and everyone else just take the free stuff? Of course the next question is whither or not there is enough people still willing to pay for something they can get for free enough to support an artist? I don’t think this applies to audio or video podcasts as it’s more a medium like TV or Radio but for actual artists who are selling a product. What’s your opinion?

My Quest To Utter Video from a Mobile in Canada

I’ve been on a quest lately to find a way to publish content to the web in video form. It all started when Utterz released their new video features where you can publish video direct from you WebCam. That started the ball rolling and got me thinking about how to use Utterz and their “connections” to publish video, and audio which I have been doing for a bit now, while I’m on the move. I’ve always been a big fan of being able to publish where ever I am!.I tweeted about it and got a little response from Wayne about being interested in hearing the results so I’ve made it my project to get this done..So I have a few choices, I could stick with my current provider, Bell, and foot the bill for a phone upgrade and get a Blackberry Pearl. I like the phone, I’m not a big fan of the keyboard but I’d get used to it I’m sure. This would likely be the cheapest in the long run partly because I don’t pay the bill, it provided by work, but I kinda like the idea of getting a GSM phone from Rogers so I’m covered if I travel. I don’t goto Europe that often but I like my trip to the islands whenever I can so it would come in handy to have a GSM phone. If they made a Blackberry World phone with a camera it would be an easy decision. Currently Bell has a Blackberry World phone, the 8830, but it has no camera and the Pearl is available in CDMA only or GSM only not World!.If I get a new provider I would not need a voice plan as I’m not going to use it for voice, I already have that covered in my business Blackberry. Rogers is a good option to cover me on a Pay-As-You-Go provider with good options on phones at good prices but the rates to send a video or picture isn’t that great at 50 cents a message. Other then a simple phone upgrade from Bell the best plan would be to go with Telus, they offer a few phone options I like and I can have a phone on their Pay-As-You-Go service and pay $10 at the start of each month and have unlimited video/picture/text messaging..To me it looks like the best options price wise, phone selection you can argue till the cows come home, is Telus and Bell. They both offer unlimited messaging options at close to the same price. I haven’t talked to anyone at Rogers but from what I can see on their site they don’t offer any unlimited plans. I will likely make a stop in there before I finish up my research. But my feeling right now is that for me I have to pay the price and get a new phone from Bell! Stay tuned for more results.