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555 is Dead

“In the past, the 555 prefix was widely used for fictitious telephone numbers in film and television. No carriers assigned 555 numbers and therefore most of them were legally permissible to show on screen. Unfortunately for producers and writers, that is not the case anymore. Almost all 555 numbers are being assigned to directory assistance services and phone carriers throughout North America.

Google Voice also provides tools to have a little fun and promote the film, too. You can set the number to forward straight to voicemail and record your own message. It is the perfect opportunity to orchestrate a real-world tie-in to your film by having a cast member leave a voicemail message in character. Hardcore fans can call the number and leave messages that can be picked up by the producer or studio at leisure in forwarded emailed transcriptions or mp3 files. A small but classy way to help build a small community for your show!”

(Via Craig O’s Blog: Film Friday: 555 is Dead / Clearing Phone Numbers for Movies.)

Very clever idea. Love to see what some creative minds could come up for the content. It’s easy enough that even indie films could pull this off too. Now we just need it in Canada with Canadian numbers.

Sync In Plain English

Ford SYNC in Plain English by the Folks at Common CraftSo you probably know I love what the folks at CommonCraft do with their “In Plain English” videos and I do think, although I’m an Apple fanboy, the Microsoft Sync in car system is pretty cool. Well I got put on to this video by my friends over at the Social Media Group. Awesome to see the team up, and get the facts “in plain english” about the SYNC system. It’s also kinda funny that the MP3 player is of course a Zune but my question is does it work with the iPod?