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Aroma Resturant goes High Tech

clipped from lfpress.ca
Aroma Restaurant in London is balancing old-world European charm with 21st-century technology.
Using Skype software, which can be downloaded free, diners in the room will be able to enjoy a meal while on the screen they will see and be able to speak with family or friends in a home anywhere in the world, as long as they also have Skype software and a computer and video card capable of handling that technology, and a webcam on their end.
But Gomes is also excited about the wine cellar, having taken an old, boarded-up storage room and converted it into an intimate lounge that will seat 60 and will feature wines from around the world, he said.
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So now we have to have a London Blogger and Podcaster dinner here. Maybe a special event, not the usual monthly meetup. I also have to go spend some time in the Wine Cellar/Lounge!

My New Wines

My New WinesOriginally uploaded by Bill Deys.So I had a blast last night with one of my favorite customers! They make there own wine and we tried some of everything. You can imagine how that turned out and how I feel this morning! Anyways it was some of the best wine I have ever had and I have had a lot of good wine. At the end of the night I was sent home with a bottle of very new port that was already showing lots of potential and a bottle of what he thinks is a 4 yr old Cabernet. I am looking forward to having a special occasion to open either. I was also invited to come back and make some of my own, which I will definitely have to take him up on. I will have a hard time waiting for it to be drinkable but I totally look forward to sharing with everyone at a future PodCamp or something! Anyways I have to book so I can meet up with the inlaws for some poker.