And then there were Nine

I hate that people would start to think it’s a resolution thing. Mostly this started because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while and I had time off over the holidays to get it done.

Anyways, I’m down to 9 domains and everything is in one hosting account.

Feels really good.

Over the year things get fractured, I might even have a domain or two at some weird registrar I’ve forgotten about but that in its self shows what little importance they must be to me. After working on a few projects I had signed up for a second hosting plan, planning to move everything there, then some old apps I wrote wouldn’t work (php versions) so I had both, for years. Well over the last week that has all come to an end. Sure some stuff isn’t working 100% but the important stuff is. Sites that I started but never took off will be gone. You might remember a few, I’m not going to list them or even try to sell them. Just set them to not renew and bye bye!

Within the next couple days the last of the domain transfers should complete and by the end of the month the other hosting plans will go dead. I’m 100% Canadian now, going with the locals. The guys over at Orpheum have views that run along the same lines as me and I like supporting someone local so they are getting all my business. Sure it costs a few bucks more a month but in the end it’s almost half of two bills! Plus Derek has been crazy on the ball dealing with the few little issues that have come up. Nothing much, usually stuff that comes up when your moving a big pile of hurt into one place!