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This is a good example of the “Trust Economy”. You have to give to get!
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Back in the day when I started building sites, we wanted to keep those visitors on the site as long as possible.  We tried to keep links away from the site on secondary pages.  Now the question has been asked, and challenged to some extent, about blogs.  Should you have links to other places on your blog, especially in your posts.

Unqualified, yes.

Linking to others, especially to other bloggers, will actually build and increase your traffic over time.  The visitor might leave you then, but they’ll come back.  If you had something for sale or whatever, they’ll come back.  The visitor will come back because if you are linking to something of value (good information, a special deal, etc) they will remember they found that info on your blog.  On the receiving end, bloggers love to be linked to.  We live for that.  I track every link to my blog and visit all the sites that link to me and leave a nice comment.
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