Changes (2011 Version)

We all go through changes. I’ve been watching a lot of friends move, redesign and change their personal websites. I’ve been doing a bunch of posting on my Tumblr site and I like it there but, I’m conflicted.

I’ll be the first to jump on someone blogging at a site and tell them to at least but a domain and use it (which I have on the Tumblr blog) but I just wasn’t posting to here much. The tools seamed easier on Tumblr and the iPhone app is great.

I toyed with the idea of changing this site to show a landing page, basically the About page, keeping the old posts here then push people to read my new content on Tumblr but wasn’t totally set on the idea.

I also was thinking I needed a refresh of the theme. The old theme was by my good friend Nico of SnowyDay Design (you better be at PAB for that beer!) and, while I like it a lot, it’s been probably four years and what the site is to me has changed. I’v changed!

So, I was up late last night, moving where the site is hosted and working on a new layout. I went with a new install of WordPress and imported the posts, it should clean up the old legacy stuff but some of the content in old post is going to get broken. For that I’m sorry, I’ll probably never get back to fixing it.

Now I’m not a designer, I don’t pretend to be but, I’ve found a theme that is almost infinitely customizable that I can easily change when I feel like it and is very clear and simple, just how I like sites to be.

So I hope this will keep my mind on posting here, I also hope to start doing more video blogging soon. I will still be on tumblr, I like the community features and the ease of reblogging stuff, wonder if there is a good (read: easy) was to post items from a Tumblog to WordPress.