PodCamp Toronto 2011

It’s the morning of the second day of PodCamp Toronto 2011. As usual I didn’t get enough sleep and had too many drinks last night but it was a pretty good time. Gotta say in a few days, I wont remember feeling like crap but I will remember the good time. That’s why I do it.

I’ve not been all that into PodCamp Toronto the last couple years. It seamed that the PR and Marketing people hijacked my podcasting conference. I was only coming to see my podcasting friends, we usually only get to meetup once or twice a year. This year it seams to have all changed. While the number of old school (amateur) podcaster is dwindling this year those who did show up are stepping up and representing!  There is still a pile of bad sessions but, in almost every time slot there is a session about actual content creation and no mention of money.

I’d just like to say Thank You. To the coolist people in the world who are stepping up and proving that there are still people who are in it because they like doing it and don’t plan on making a living from it. Thank You!