Sleep and EMail

I don’t know why but, I’ve not really been sleeping all that well. It’s not that I can’t sleep, I’m just not that tired. Usually I’d be in bed by 8 and sleeping before 9. That said I’m an early riser as well, usually up somewhere between 5 and 5:30. Lately I’m up at the same time but I was in bed at 8, watched a few episodes of Weeds (I’m not addicted) and still wasn’t tired.

So not I’m up on the couch, computer in lap, while Michelle is sleeping.

I think it’s a result of my running. I’ve got more energy and I don’t need the sleep as much. Oh and when I do sleep, I’m out like a light! I kinda dig it. I’m getting a lot more done. Last night it was moving the blog, tonight I’ve been trying to figure out how I broke my email. Currently don’t mail me at my address, GMail is your best bet.