8 -11.04

So I heard a preview build of Windows 8 was available. Haven’t even give Windows 7 a real run down. Yes, I’m a Mac nerd, I have to use Windows at work and my software doesn’t run on anything past XP so…

Anyways, I dug up a semi old machine from the storage room, should be enough to run 8, jumped on my XP machine here at the office hit the 8 download link and though hey I should check out the latest Ubuntu as well. I’ve read about the new Unity interface and I have’t checked it out either. So I hit that download link too.

So now almost 5 hours later I’ve downloaded, installed and tested (messed around with) Natty Narwhal.

And that 8 download? Still says one hour to download, for the last two hours! Yep that’s Microsoft.