Gearing Up For Growth Part 2

Part Two of my notes from TechAlliances Gearing Up For Growth conference. Part One is here.

The second big speaker was Bill Johnson, former President and CEO of both McDonald’s Canada and McDonald’s Mexico.

I have to say, I reacted most to what Bill had to say. I really didn’t agree with much he talked about. I try not to judge but it was hard. There were two points that made me the most mad.

One was his statement “You have to leave Canada to really make it.” My knee jerk reaction, and I said this quietly to a couple folks sitting around me, was “That’s Bullshit.” Why on earth should you HAVE to leave Canada? There is so much opportunity here. Take the day’s keynote for example. He’s made millions building business in Canada.

Second was his stance on “McJobs” making it into the dictionary. He was offended that Websters “came up with that.” First I’d like to remind him that Websters doesn’t come up with words. They merely track the language and keep a repository of what they see being used. Second he had an attitude like working at McDonalds is SO much more then flipping burgers for minimum wage. I’m sorry but, I’d go out on a limb and guess that for most employees there that’s about all it is. That is where people start in the workforce. I’m not demeaning the job, I think it plays an important role in the economy and workforce training that most people don’t credit enough. It isn’t however going to lead to a career in that organisation for everyone like he seams to think. There are people, like him, that work their way through to the corporate offices or franchisees but it’s a small percentage. Don’t take offence, first menial jobs are important, be proud that you’re helping all those people learn to work.