Gotta Run

Race is getting close. Gotta really get serious on this running thing. Feel I’ve been drifting a bit the last week or two. Foot is almost 100% it’s not slowing me down.

Friday I had a chance to try a one way run. Something I’ve wanted to do for a while, just couldn’t get it organized between the time and getting a ride one way. So I ran to my parents house, about 15km. Time was abysmal to say the least. Running into a head wind the entire way, really wore on me and I did more walking then I’d like to admit. My phone also decided to crash so I lost my audio and the live tracking. Still had my watch so I know just how bad I rally did.

Got out again today. Had a better run, still battled a fierce head wind, going the other direction and only half the time. Felt pretty good about it.

I really need to work on pace. I need to slow down a bit so I can really make some distance without needing to walk.