I’ll be on TV again!


“Our city’s main television station is known as /A, and is owned by Canada’s largest private broadcast network, CTV. As part of its election night coverage, the station is using its satellite studio at our downtown market building to set up an Internet Cafe. We’ll be a team of social media-aware members of the community, reaching out to voters in London and the general region to find out what’s happening election night.

It’s an exciting initiative that aims to bridge the gap between social/new and conventional media. There’s no question that how we vote, and how we communicate around the vote, is being rapidly reshaped by the influence of social media. Our Internet Cafe team will be live from Covent Garden Market on election night to better understand just how profound those changes are. Should be fun.

If you’re anywhere near southwestern Ontario, here’s how to find us:

Twitter: Follow @atvnewslondon

Facebook: Like the ‘Canada Votes‘ page

Tumblr: Subscribe to our team’s microblog at http://anewslondon.tumblr.com

/A London: Look to the station’s homepage, http://atv.ca/london/ for updates”


(Via Written Inc.: Canada votes. Will you?.)


I’m excited to be participating in this. Should be a good time!