QuickCal is Better

I’ve been seeing a lot of talk about calendar apps lately, most integrate with iCal of Google Calendar. All seam pretty darn good. I’ve looked at most and I think QuickCal is the winner. Why?

Right off the bat it’s the cheapest, Fantastical is 14.99 at a special price, CalendarBar is 4.99 and QuickCal is just $0.99. It also has a matching iPhone app. Both use natural language input that everyone is all over. It may not be the best but it’s never failed to me yet.

It, similar to most, gives you a few day overview when you click the menubar icon.

The smart reminders feature is awesome, basically you can give it parameters that will set reminders according to how far away the event you are adding is.

Preferences 1

But, the killer feature that I don’t see in any other app of this sort is the launcher integration. If you use Alfred, Launchbar orQuickSilveryou can set them up with a keyword to add events via QuickCal. I love Alfred and these two together have helped me get appointments into my calendar, something I’m normally pretty bad at. Setting it up is pretty simple, they do most of the work for you, just a few clicks.


So, give it a try, at worst it’ll cost you a buck!