Reeder and Lion

I’m a big fan of Reeder For Mac, and all the Reeder Apps for that matter. Under Lion most of the Gestures got borked. They used three finger swipes pretty heavily. I used them occasionally, I’m more or a keyboard guy but, I’m really looking forward to how they solve the problem. They might take the easy route and switch to four finger swipes, don’t know for sure how many would still be used by Lion it’s self. Hope they come up with something stellar. I’m also looking forward, hopefully, to using it in fullscreen. On the Air I’m loving full screen apps!

I’ve also playing with Safari and liking it so far. During my switch to Chrome, combined with the Mac App Store, I moved away from a lot of extensions so the switch to Safari has been fairly painless. Biggest annoyance so far is I’m missing the OmniBar, getting used to Cmd+T, Tab, Enter Search is pretty tough. Also the search keywords are non existent now, and I used a ton of them. That might be what stops the switch, there are some hacks but they aren’t a full feature copy.

Oh and, the autocorrect in Lion kicks some serious butt, especially for a guy like me who can barely spell!