Speed Bump

This is a picture, I STOPPED, to snap in a subdivision around the corner from work. Anyone see where the problem is?

IMG 1512

So they closed a major road, Sarnia Rd Bridge to be exact, people naturally found the way through the subdivision which is the least out of the way. The residents complained as they don’t like the extra traffic. Like we didn’t see that coming! So a couple day later they came out and put in “traffic calming measures.” Speed Bumps. About three of them on the open part of the route.

Except, can anyone see the problem with their location? See that nice big parking lane on our left? Guess what I saw EVERY car do. Go around the bump. Everyone I work with admits to using the parking lane to go around them. They even said they got mad when residents parked in the lane strategically to stop people from doing it. How did someone not do a better job at placing them? Couldn’t we see this coming? I did as soon as I came up on them. I was there when they we’re putting them in. The one ahead on our right was the last one. I bet even while they were putting that last one in they watched people bypassing them!

Even on the path of least resistance there’s always another path of least resistance. People will ALWAYS take it. Plan for it.