Temporary Fix for Smart Playlist order

1. Create a smart playlist called TEST1 with podcasts and order it as you like (for me it is released date)

2. Create a second smart playlist called TEST2 and tell it to add the playlist TEST1 and order as you like

3. Sync TEST2 to your iPhone

4. Look at TEST2 on your iPhone”

(Via Temporary Fix for Smart Playlist order…: Apple Support Communities.)

An update from yesterdays post. This fix worked for me, don’t like the clutter of an extra playlist but better then it not working. Also of note, I’ve tried it with and without the “Test1” playlist on the phone and either seams to work, both have a limit of 200 and set to selected by random.

Getting a fair bit of traffic ,which is cool that I’m not the only one, suck that this problem is out there.