I love the Mac App Store. It’s just so easy to buy apps, update them and install them on multiple machines.

One problem I’m starting to find more and more is that not having a way to do trials is becomming a problem. It’s been talked about before even on iOS. For a ninety nine cent apps, no big deal but $20 plus apps are becoming more common. These traditionally had more extensive trials, most still do but you have to go to their website, download/install from there, then if I like it uninstall it so I can go back to the app store and buy it. Not the end of the world but it’s starting to get annoying.

“Lite” versions don’t seam to be a great option either, now I’ll have two versions on the app showing up in my list of “purchased” apps not to mention having to uninstall one version.

I don’t know for sure what a good solution is. I loved to option on Android to return an app within the first 24 hrs. It worked great although I can see it being a bit of a hassle on their end. Ideally you could hit a button in the app store to get the trial, once it expires it’ll take you back into the store to do your buying. In theory it’s possible, don’t think it’s likely though. In App Purchases seamed to do a half assed job at solving the problem. I had expected a more elegant solution from Apple but…