Ban on Drive Throughts a bad idea.

So the city of London is planning on banning new drive throughs. I’m “cross posting” this here, with some elaboration, after I submitted it as a letter to the editor of the London Free Press on the website, and I’ve also posted it on BlogLDN. If anyone from the London Free Press or anywhere else wants to quote me here or contact me regarding this issue, or any other, I’m happy to talk, just soot me an email at take exception to the comments made by the opponents of drive throughs. If you ban drive throughs stores will need biger parking lots. Land is at a premium and London is getting bigger all the time. If stores like Tim Hortons and McDonalds need more space that is going to mean less green space and less land for agriculture..Drive throughts keep stores smaller, make parking lots smaller and are a benefit to the environment. Banning drive throughts makes no sense. The ides was also proposed to limit the space for drive through lanes. Have to been near a Tim Hortons Drive through, who hasn’t, durring a morning rush. Even the store with large drive through capacity and lots of parking are a mess. Face it they can change traffice patterns. The Timmie in Byron has cars backed out onto the road, and blocking normal non-timmies traffic, most mornings..I’ve always disagreed with most governmnet intervention to the practices of business, their way of doing things is just bad business! No wonder there is so much money waste! If you want to clean up the enviroment make people feel it’s uncool to use the drive through, that’s how Drinking and Driving is looked at now!.</rant>