Crave and Next Door

I really like Crave in North London. I’ve been a few times and I have had really great experiences there. I was excited when I saw they were expanding into the unit next to them with what the call a sister restaurant. I think we really need a lot more restaurant in London that cater to this type of dining. The expansion is called, oddly enough, Next Door Bar & Grill. I haven’t been there, or to Crave for that matter, since it open so I looked them up and gave them a call to make reservations. Now call me crazy but on their website it says, and I quote, “Call today for a reservation 519.645.8886”. So I just got off the phone and they guy there told me we don’t accept reservations its all on a first come first served basis only. I think that whole idea is a cop out so they don’t overbook and piss people off but that’s there prerogative and a lot of place are doing that so I’ll put up with it, but they should at least not have the line on their website saying they do! Anyways I think I am going to be heading over there tonight and I’ll let you know how it is in the morning!