Email just isn’t a Player

I love email, in the right place it works great! I know who I can get fast email responses out of when I need them, and if it’s not real important no big deal if it goes unopened for a while. BUT the key is “in the right places!”.In my day job our customers don’t “do” email. Some, or most, have email addresses but you’ll be lucky to get a response in a week! The bulk of our orders are handled via Fax, a great technology for sending purchase orders and custom measurment forms. Because of this the office work flow is setup to efficiently process orders via fax. Email just doesn’t fit. When the one person who handles the “general mailbox” for orders is on vacation guess what, stuff piles up and there is a pretty good chance something will get missed..You may say but Bill there are some great email-fax and fax-email solutions out there. Yes there are, but when two out of 600+ people use it, I’m sorry just not gonna happen. Get with the 1980 people, we still need fax machines..This is aside from the fact that some people get hundreds of emails a day. Few people are efficient enough at sorting and filtering through all that to find those important orders.All I’m saying is know your place, if your customers and you have a good workflow via email then great, but you may have to act as a digital to analog convertor when you pass it on!.One question I do have, how many of you still have fax machines in your offices? What kind of office is it? Tech?