How Much Trust Is Good?

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Photo Credit library_mistress

So I was in Ottawa for a few days a while back. We stayed at the Country Inn and Suites, I’m not linking them because overall they sucked. We had a big group and when it came time to settle the bill it was a nightmare to say the least. Anyways I did see something that sparked me to rush to get my notepad out so I’d say it was worth it.

So What Was It?

In the lobby they have a Book Loan shelf. It’s basically just a book shelf with a sign. They allow you to take a book, no sign out required, under the agreement that you return it next time you’re there or at the next Country Inn and Suites. It’s 100% Trust Based. I found this to be a fantastic idea for a few reasons.

The Obvious

It encourages you to come back to their hotels. You might like the idea of books available to you. They even had kids books so maybe your children liked it.


First reason is they trust their customers enough to be honest. Even for a very small ticket item. Sure they probably loose a good number of books, but if they factor that into the total cost and add a single dollar to each stay it’s likely more profitable. AND it stands out to people, even if they never borrow a book.


Finally it moves your decission to an emotonal level. In some way you’ll likely want to return to keep up your end of the moral deal! Any time you can bring emotions to the equation you’ll have a better chance at winning! Why do you think you never let on to a salesperson that you really want the item your bartering over?