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Dear Weather

Pick a season.

Winter of Summer. Frozen or Thaw. I don’t really care but the muddy pasture for the horses and back roads for my running is getting annoying.


For A Post On Community…

Reborn  The Parallel Parliament 1

For a post all about community why are the comments off and the people/business that are talked about are not linked?

Glen seams like an up to speed guy. He’s doing a good (aside from these issues) job blogging, tweeting and putting videos on YouTube.

Maybe I’m just an idiot with my head up my butt but, I don’t even know who he’s talking about with, “Our best known economist is using his blog and Facebook entries”, and I’d like to.

Hope it’s just an oversight.

And another thing.

I really hate when I hear someone say

“I wrote a blog about this”


Really you wrote a WHOLE SITE on one little topic or issue. NO! You wrote a post ON a blog.

Go to WordPress, the label to put up a new post says “Add New” under “Posts” not “Blog”. In fact there isn’t even a “Blog” heading! New Blog would set up a whole new site, on anyways.

Please just get it right or I might explode.


I love the Mac App Store. It’s just so easy to buy apps, update them and install them on multiple machines.

One problem I’m starting to find more and more is that not having a way to do trials is becomming a problem. It’s been talked about before even on iOS. For a ninety nine cent apps, no big deal but $20 plus apps are becoming more common. These traditionally had more extensive trials, most still do but you have to go to their website, download/install from there, then if I like it uninstall it so I can go back to the app store and buy it. Not the end of the world but it’s starting to get annoying.

“Lite” versions don’t seam to be a great option either, now I’ll have two versions on the app showing up in my list of “purchased” apps not to mention having to uninstall one version.

I don’t know for sure what a good solution is. I loved to option on Android to return an app within the first 24 hrs. It worked great although I can see it being a bit of a hassle on their end. Ideally you could hit a button in the app store to get the trial, once it expires it’ll take you back into the store to do your buying. In theory it’s possible, don’t think it’s likely though. In App Purchases seamed to do a half assed job at solving the problem. I had expected a more elegant solution from Apple but…

Contact Forms

I find nothing more annoying then a contact form on the contact page of a website. Put some info on there. PLEASE! We have amazing spam filters and other ways to hide your address from spam crawlers.

Put your email address on their already.

Another plus, now people will know your email address to connect with you in LinkedIn!

Attack on the MY Rights

“BMI argues that the public performing right has long applied to on-demand, interactive streaming”

(Via Editorial: ‘Cloud’ Services and the Attack on the Performing Right | News |

If they didn’t brand it as a music locker, maybe just a locker that COULD play music, would they even notice?

They have their head SO far up each others asses I don’t think they know the sky is blue. I can’t even come up with words to describe how idiotic they are on this issue. I’d like to come up with an insult but I’d be wating my time.

Do they know what evan a CD is? Have they used a computer?


He probably dictated this to his assistant who typed it out then mailed it to their nephew who is “good with computers.”

I doubt they even know the definition on “public performance.”


et over yourself and how bad your business model turned out to be when computers came along. There plenty of people with real talent making money without paying your “tax.” You’re over and redundant. Find a new way to make money just the same as the people you were screwing over did.


You have to make time

“5AM is my part of my day. It’s 3 hours that I dedicate to my creative process. It’s my investment in myself.”

(Via Why I wake up at 5AM. – visually captured)


I love early in the morning. Sure I have to be at work at 7, even when I don’t I’m usually up before 6. I’m a morning person, I get things done then. I think it’s what helps make me successful, prove me wrong. You can be too, stop making excuses.

How To Earn an UnFollow

This is a good example of things people don’t like.

DM Spam

That is a DM from a company that is nothing more then an ad. Sure, tweet this stuff publicly but don’t DM me that. I’m very private about my Twitter “inbox” and you just spammed me. You see, if it was an email there isn’t much I could do but this isn’t email it’s Twitter. It’s permission based and I no longer give you my permission to do this.