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This was a podcast we used to do. We might get back to it but for now the old page and feed will go dark. Here’s the shows and the notes, there’s still a little value in it. Enjoy!


Who are these people? What is this?

We introduce ourselves and give a little background .


Bill’s Quirks, Navigating Family Christmas Dinner and what started the changes in our thoughts.

Atlas Shrugged

Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work

Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar–Your Brain’s Silent Killers

The Paleo Manifesto: Ancient Wisdom for Lifelong Health

Hundred Down Podcast

Bill’s Episode on Life By Design Worldwide

The Love Episode and Blog Post

Think By Design Seminar


We talk about our week, some more of Bill’s Quirks, and discuss movement.
Dr. Joel’s  Mobility

Dr. Joel’s  Joint to Joint motion

Becoming a Supple LeopardMobility WOD

Move By Design

Polish Nail Bar

Lotus Luv Skin Care


Vista Loro

Bodhi Surf School

Crossfit 506

GoRuck Sandbags

Osa Canopy Tour

Suunto Ambit 2

This will be our first Ceviche Recipe

Go Pro Hero 3 Black

Monkey Mangrove Tour

Free Market Revolution

The Four Agreements


Stefan Molyneux 

Recorded at the UnLondon – UnLab

On Track on Vacation

Don’t Eat Here!!

Stuff we travel with

Civy Kit Bag



Winter classic


Crossfit Open

Double Under Problems

Chemex Coffee Maker

Philips Sunrise Alarm Clock

Lights Out


Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Big in Japan

Chicken Paprikash

Children’s Health

Sensory Deprivation

PodCamp Toronto


Imperial Pub, Library Lounge



We got chickens! And we talk about starting a diet plan with Dr Justine of Eat By Design Coaching.


In the hot tub with Dr Justine of Eat By Design Coaching talking about our goal based meal plan and having had BodPod scans done.


Dr. Justine is back, this time we’re on a road trip, crossing the border. We check in on our progress and how the program has been going.