How To Look For A Consultant

You don’t need to pay a consultant to teach you social media. You certainly should not be paying them to “do twitter” for you.You should be paying them to help you make a choice as to where your efforts should be focused and how to use the tools. These tools aren’t just another brochure or thirty second spot.The concept is easy, everyone has experience in the theory of social media.It’s called “Social” media for a reason, it’s social.So here’s the big point, the reason you’ve paid a ton of money to read this blog. Wait you didn’t pay!?!Just think about the last interaction you had as a retail customer.Was it good? Why? Was it bad? Why? Aren’t the better ones the ones where you were treated like a REAL person not just being sold too?Take the points you’ve learned from being a customer, not in your business by personally, and apply them to your social media efforts. That’s all people are looking for. We just want to feel validated, like we mean something.