Podcast ID3 Tags

I want to give some advice to all the podcasters out there. It all stems from me not using my iPod much lately as well as the loss of my Mac for a week due to some hardware problems, but that is a whole different blog post to come!.Anyways so I’ve been using my Blackberry Pearl for almost all my media playback. I toss my podcasts on there, which is the bulk of what I listen to, as well as some music so now I carry only my mobile. I’ve found this is WAY cooler for me, I always have my phone so I always have my podcasts. I can play through the speaker phone, my bluetooth headset, regular ear buds or even through the input jack in my truck. I love it!.In doing this I’m learning just how much iTunes cleans up the podcast files. If you’ve never checked, you can name the file anything you want and set you ID3 tags to just about anything and once you put them in your feed and they make their way through iTunes it will have rewritten the ID3 tags and the file name to match the info in the feed. The “Name” tag is set to the episode name (basically the blog post title) stuff like that. This is all cool, most people don’t know and it’s nice to have it cleaned up..Where the problem comes in is now that I’m not using iTunes to manage my stuff, I use CastRoller and manually download items to my phone when it’s connected to a computer, I get the EXACT file that you put out. This is cool for about 90% of what I listen to, some of the best are the “Indie” folks who were in it from the beginning. The big one that gets me is AT LEAST set your Genre tag to “Podcast.” I don’t care if it’s a Rock Music Podcast, IT’S A PODCAST, your a call in show that is nothing more the “Spoken Word”, I’m sorry YOUR STILL A PODCAST. Have I made my point?.Ya see, when I go to the media player on my phone I get a big list of every piece of media on it. It’s all mixed up, the way that I find them is by going to the Genre section and scrolling to Podcasts! Most media players, that aren’t iPod’s, work in pretty much the same way..Well how can I go about doing this you ask. If your using a podcast recording package like CastBlaster, PodProducer or UberCaster, your probably already writing pretty good tags, just make sure your genre is set to podcast. If your not or it’s still not working, you can use iTunes to edit them, just add the file to your library right click it and and click “get info” then go to the “info” tab and fill out the fields. On windows you can even edit the tags right from the file browser, find your file right click it and select properties, then go to the summary tag, if you click to the right of the filed it will open a text box you can edit the details..Simple stuff that some of the biggest and most listened to podcast simple ignore when releasing audio. It’s totally amazing to me that these “professionals” are screwing it up like this. I don’t want to name any names but it’s not hard for you to find who is and isn’t using what I think is just part of Podcasting Best Practices!.