We all care about how we look, and our feelings about our appearance can vary depending on the day, our mood, and the Instagram post.

Look Your Personal Best –

All the BS “beauty is everywhere” IG posts aside, we do deep down care about how we look. It is to a great degree biologically a reflection of our health. We don’t need a shredded six pack but that is the furthest extent of that path.

Having come from a very unhealthy place, I too, on occasion, feel like shit about the way I look. I get down on the lingering, and permanent, signs of what a past me has done to my body. Some of it I can, can am working to, clean up. Some of it will never go away and I have to come to terms with that.

It doesn’t mean that in a down moment, when I’m feeling really shitty about the way I look, that I’m a good or bad person. It’s just how we are. I’m constantly going through phases of being ok with how I look, not being ok with it, and also having the gumption to do something about it, and not having any will power to.