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“More reviews and higher ratings can drive sales, but a highly satisfied customerbase drives a lot more.

When someone has spent $4.99 for my app, they’re entitled to a hassle-free experience. I wouldn’t feel right shoving a dialog box in their face a few days later asking for a time-consuming favor when they’re trying to read.

To me, once you’ve paid that $4.99, you get a first-class, luxury experience. I want you to feel great about having bought the app. And every time an update comes out that adds a bunch of features at no additional charge, I want you to feel like you can’t believe how much more value I’m giving you.

People who feel that great about having bought the app are the ones who tell their friends, or the internet public, to go buy it for themselves. And that’s far better for my sales than any App Store review will ever be.”


(Via Those annoying “Rate this app!” dialogs – Marco.org.)

This attitude is what makes Instapaper so great. It’s why I’d never hesitate to pay for the app and it’s why I voluntarily subscribe.