Not just for Switchers


“None of my applications run on Linux

What you probably meant to say is ‘I’m so old and decrepit that I can’t learn new things so I can’t acclimate to an environment without some shitty Adobe or Microsoft application’. Don’t get me wrong, there are some pieces of software that just don’t have an equivalent for Linux (*cough* Ableton Live *cough*), but for the most part, everything else has about 10 alternatives and at least a couple of them are better than you’re willing to accept. Don’t blame Linux if you built your career around a proprietary application, that’s your fault.


(Via Switching to Linux, you’re doing it wrong | Josh Sherman.)


This is also true of people in my office that insist on installing Word 95 on the new desktop we upgraded them to. One actually got a newer copy of office thinking they’d like better then the OpenOffice I’ve been trying to switch us to. They hated it cuz it wasn’t “95 enough.” I broke that old disk and now we run OpenOffice. Get over it and start teaching yourself to deal with new stuff. Sure it’s not comfortable but you’re a better person for it. Thank me later.