This Weeks Award For The Worst Headline in The London Free Press Goes To

Fish oil benefits limited | London | News | London Free Press:


Researchers at London’s Lawson Health Institute had hoped fish oil tablets would lower the failure rate of synthetic tubes, called grafts, used to create a path between arteries and veins. A small-scale study had show tremendous promise.

But a seven-year trial showed the failure rate for each 12-month period to be about the same for patients taking four fish tablets daily and patients taking placebos, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Still, the research showed patients benefited in other ways from fish oil, said Louise Moist, a Lawson scientist. Among the benefits were fewer blood clots and surgical interventions. Those taking fish oil also had lower blood pressure, and lower rates of heart attacks, heart failure and other cardiac-related events.

“This study provides very exciting results,” Moist said. “Fish oil did not fix all the problems with grafts but it reduced the number of costly, time-consuming procedures for patients already receiving a very burdensome treatment with dialysis. It is not often we have such encouraging results that benefit patients’ quality of life and reduce health care costs.”

If you only read the headline and first paragraph or two you’d really be misled.