Wage Trap

The Minimum Wage is Racist:

A minimum wage destroys jobs, and not just any jobs, but entry level jobs – the kind of jobs that the most vulnerable people most need.

So what sort of cruel, heartless villain would destroy the very jobs that our most helpless and vulnerable friend, family members and neighbors need? He’s the kind of villain who wants to trap people into dependence on government – government handouts, government programs, government bureaucracy.

More often they are in a hurry to bask in self-righteousness, and embrace foolish nostrums like the minimum wage because it’s easier than thinking.

The emotional argument here is that the bottom rung on the ladder of success is too low – people standing on it aren’t high enough. But what good is a ladder with no bottom rungs? How do you climb it? The right solution isn’t to cut off the bottom rungs, but to help each worker get on and then climb higher, through education, experience, and improved productivity.

(Via Hacker News)